QuoteClick.com Insurance Rating Software COMPANY

Insurance rating software been around the insurance industry for many years. We originally used it back in 1981 and well before the internet as we know it today. Thus, we have nearly 30 years of personal experience watching it grow.

We are a growing software company with plenty of insurance experience...

DEL AMO Insurance Services, Inc., (founded 1983) is the parent company of QuoteClick.com and oversees its daily operations.

  1. QuoteClick.com Insurance Rating Software - Dental: This Insurance rating software was developed for the internet retail dental insurance industry and is our first product to come on January 1st, 2018.
  2. QuoteClick.com Insurance Rating Software - Other Products: Still in the planning stages of development are the health, life, Medicare, and final expense rating software programs. No target date has been set for their release.