quoteclick.com dental insurance rating software


QuoteClick.com provides a web based insurance rating software product offering quotes for individual and family dental insurance plans in all 50 states. The insurance comparative rating software automates rating management and policy underwriting for insurance agencies and companies. The website integration is nearly seamless and you can enjoy the benefits of online rating at your client's fingertips. The online client while on your web site or one that you lease from us enters their zip code. The results are then displayed from the least expensive insurance premium. If you are using our dental insurance rating software, an insurance company dental plan or dental discount plan is selected, the application is completed by the client in a real time format.


Our basic dental plan insurance rating software starts with an introductory offer as low as $19 a month. However, your monthly service fee depends on the rating plan you select.


We can custom build an interactive directory to quickly narrow your choices for multiple insurance carriers and their products. Just remember many insurance rating software internet based programs are outrageously over priced. Instead, why not consider a smaller company who specializes in the insurance products you sell while reducing your agency operating overhead expenses. Our primary focus in providing accurate premium quoting using the QuoteClick.com insurance rating software.

Internet Web based dental insurance rating software for insurance companies and insurance agents.  Dental Insurance Rating Software automates rate management and policy underwriting for insurance companies and insurance agencies. Online database engines that gives individuals, agents and insurance companies instant online insurance information.  These automated applications increase back office efficiency and productivity by integrating underwriting and complex rating tools with traditional business management features.  Provides instant dental insurance rating, coverage, and underwriting for the insurance company, independent insurance agent and individual. Produces a mutual insurance processing system that includes instant policy issuance - printing, integrated rating with user maintainable rates.


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